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2013年2月2日 星期六

How To Enable ‘Delete Confirmation Dialog’ In Windows 8

With additions like Metro based panels, Start Menu, and Ribbon Explorer, many Windows 8 UI elements have been revamped, such as, the auto run dialog, low battery on-screen notification, desktop snapping, full screen apps, and much more.. Talking of dialog boxes, the most significant improvement that you will notice is with copy/move conflict resolution dialog box, which seems more smart, intuitive and can handle conflicts from a single window. Other noticeable change is that Windows 8 no longer asks you to confirm the deletion of file and folder, i.e when you select a file/folder and hit Delete key, it sends the respective item straight to Recycle Bin without confirming the action. In this post, we will present a simple solution to bring Windows 8 default file/folder delete dialog box back.

First off, right-click Recycle Bin and select Properties. You can also access Recycle Bin Properties from within the Recycle Bin from Recycle Bin Manage tab.

In Recycle Bin Properties dialog, enable Display delete confirmation dialog option and click OK to apply the change.

Now when you delete a file or folder, it will ask you to confirm the action before sending the item to Recycle Bin.

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